Did you not gently press on the link above?


Not just yet?

You’re thinking about it.

So am I.

We’re both wondering.

What are you waiting for?

You’re still reading.


I miss you.

I need you.

Want you.

It's a hunger.

Let’s dispense with politeness.

End this charade.

Call me.

Or email.


Don't make me beg.

Oh I get it.

You don't think I will.

You don't understand me at all.

You couldn't.

Or we would already be on the phone.



Why are you doing this?

To me?!

Love is cruel.

But you needn't be.

Although I like it more than I admit.


Maybe you do understand me.

Did it just get warm in here?


Or write!

Just click on the f*#king email dealie!!!

This is torture.

Sweet torture.

Sweet, sweet, sweet...

You think I’m enjoying this don't you?

Well maybe I am.

But so are you.

(No seriously it’s getting weirdly warm in here)

But seriously enough is enough.





I had a crazy dream last night.

You were in it.

And it was warm in the dream too.

(How weird is that?)

But if you don't contact me I can't tell you about it.


Click on the goddam link.

It makes a really neat sound!


I made the part up about the sound.

Forgive me.

That would take web programming.

And I’m just a film / video tool.

A tool.


That's why you're still reading this instead of talking with me.

You think I’m a tool.

That's fine.

You think I care?

What you think?


Well I do!!!

I care!!!

Of course I care.

I care so much it hurts.

Like your co-dependent ex.

The clingy one who still calls you crying.

In spite of the restraining order.

I care about you that much.

I care about your projects.

Someday I might even learn to care about myself.

But my therapist said I can figure that part out later.

Right now she just needs my checks to clear for the extra sessions.

Here’s what I know now though.

Because I've learned something in my years in this business.

Something important.



Self respect.

Comes from outside.

From others.

I learned these values from my parents.

Who love me unconditionally.

As long as I agree to live up to certain conditions.

That's why I ended up in this industry.


I knew you understood me.

Because I’ll bet you understand that.

A little too well.

Now we relate.

We've bonded.

We're BFF's.

Like Snoop and Martha.


There's only one thing that's still confusing.

Two actually.

One is that the room feels colder again since talking about my parents.

The second is even more confusing though.

The second thing is us.

You and me.

(If I was Rick James that would be You and I)

(If I was a professional athlete it would be You and myself)

Why haven't you called?


Call me.

Email me.