Brett began his career in Los Angeles, as a Post Production specialist at award winning facilities Encore Hollywood and The Post Group. He worked on projects and with people that ran the gamut from Pee Wee's Playhouse to the X-Files, and Wim Wenders to Richard Simmons. (Yep, really just said that) He learned to excel around seemingly larger than life situations and personalities, and learned the best practices, processes and tools from some of the most skilled specialists in Hollywood.

He also spent many evenings in L.A. behaving like an absolute imbecile - moonlighting as an improvisational/sketch actor at The Groundlings, The Comedy Store and the Acme Theater; fronting the hard rock band, Harepeace; and, gaining numerous VO and on camera credits, including a starring role in Gregg Araki’s seminal film, The Living End.

While he obviously enjoys dropping names that could easily crush both of his feet, his greatest source of professional pride and personal happiness comes from the non-profit work he’s done over the years.* Crafting content for SEIU, NARAL, The Department of Education, and more.

He’s experienced the vulnerability of creating and performing, and spent countless hours editing and honing finished content - meaning he brings empathy, drive, a sense of humor, and respect for everyone and everything involved to every project. Making real people enjoy feeling comfortable on camera, communicating ably with skilled and experienced performers and technicians, and attentively listening to clients and stakeholders in order to transform and distill concepts and ideas into engaging stories.


Creative Direction

Film Direction, Editing & Production

Communications Strategy

  1. *(and, my dogs)

  2. *(and, yes, yes, of course, my wife)

Not technically or specifically actually Amy and/or Brett

Some recent clients include:




Bradley Angle House

Citrix Online


Dr. Marten’s

Democratic National Committee

Deutsche Bank



Houghton Mifflin


Johnson & Johnson






Northrop Grumman




The North Face


Projects worked on and people worked with over the years include:

Ally McBeal


Encore Hollywood

Max Headroom

McCann Erickson



Paramount Studios

Pee-wee’s Playhouse


The Post Group

The Practice


Ren & Stimpy

Richard Simmons


Saatchi & Saatchi

Sony Pictures

The Sopranos

Star Trek The Next Generation

Team One Advertising

Universal Television

The X-Files

And one more slightly uncomfortable albeit amusing way to get to know more about Brett:

Actually Amy and/or Brett

Amy is a designer and producer. She is adept at planning and managing projects and balancing creative vision with resources. She’s masterful at identifying client goals and developing plans to achieve them.

She’s managed creative and production in the fields of film, live events and photography for over 20 years. She has a Master’s Degree in Interior Design Architecture from the Harrington College of Design in Chicago - graduating with highest honors as the program’s Alpha Beta Kappa award recipient, and having her thesis work selected for publishing in Interior Resources.

Key Skills:

Translating client ideas and goals into creative solutions

Research based design

Client relationship management and development

Balancing creative wish-lists with available resources

Experience includes:

-Design, programming, and 3D rendering of 60,000 sf interior architecture projects

-Design and implementation of residential interiors & exterior landscapes

-Management of creative teams to produce winning proposals and effective projects

-Creative direction and production for narrative film, B2B, and nonprofit video

-Planning, creative production and management of large-scale branded experiential events

-Production of catalog fashion photography

-Presentation consultation and direction for Fortune 500 CEOs

-Art direction and styling for live fashion shows