A video produced for screening as one chapter in a live theatre event in Portland, OR.
Three directors presenting three very different interpretations of the same Brecht text. The only restriction: We all use the same actors. The audience enjoyed two live versions, and then were asked to endure my filmed and edited piece.

This is quite possibly my personal favorite bit of work. After burying myself in Brecht’s philosophies, I came upon a treatment that I felt deeply honored his conceptual approach to distancing and the alienation / estrangement effect. The text for The Exception And The Rule felt particularly well suited for this treatment.

Interestingly, the device / method I chose worked, for some, a little too well. There were some very confused reactions in some published reviews, wildly different audience responses on a nightly basis, and the lovely surprise gift of indignant rage from one of the performers.  Fortunately, thankfully, the reviewer at Portland’s largest newspaper seemed to take away and appreciate what I was attempting to do. 

A few other folks will never speak to me again.
Probably for the best.
Bertolt Brecht's The Exception And The Rule