The Fyre Festival Primary Caucus App

While watching the Iowa Democratic Caucus coverage, I felt waves of disbelief washing over me, and as we all learned more about the wonderful new tech and groundbreaking new App that had been rolled out to make this magic spectacle a reality, I found myself transported to a memory of something that felt just a little too familiar. Blah, blah, blah...

Anyway, decide to build this “mashup” of the two the very next day. It somehow made me feel a little better.

The second spot for OHSU’s branding campaign. Doernbecher, is OHSU’s children’s hospital, and also one of the top rated children’s medical centers in the U.S. This spot shows children, at different stages of their lives, giving their best. Every child deserves the best. That’s what happens everyday at

Doernbecher Children’s Hospital.