The $250 Neiman Marcus Cookie Recipe


The Darker Side of Urban Retail Mythology.

Joe Bob Briggs called it "Hysterically funny"

which means I can probably die happy.

If I ever planned on dying.  Which I don’t.

All of the insipid ‘dialog’ and ‘plot twists’ from the original and ubiquitous email have been folded into this.  I was inspired to film a version after watching a widow at a funeral read it to the assembled mourners.  She believed it to be real (because like all urban myths, she knew someone who worked with a person that was related to the cousin of the next door neighbor that this actually happened to) and she wanted to share this because her deceased husband would have really enjoyed reading how a brave woman stuck it to corporate retail America.

I’m not as cynical as I sound.  I’m just afraid. Of everything.

Film Fest in Vancouver said this was

“Oozing with black humor and corporate paranoia.”

Recipe for Disaster