The $250 Neiman Marcus Cookie Recipe
The Darker Side of Urban Retail Mythology.

Joe Bob Briggs called it "Hysterically funny"
which means I can probably die happy.
If I ever planned on dying. But, I don’t.

I decided to tonally match this piece to how I imagined someone like John Waters might. Because it seemed the appropriate visual, narrative and performative style for an urban myth this ridiculous. Every single bit of the insipid ‘dialog’ and every  revelatory ‘plot twist’ from the original and ubiquitous email have been mixed and folded in.

Film Fest in Vancouver said this was
“Oozing with black humor and corporate paranoia.”

Film Fest in Pennsylvania chose this to open for a new film (and appearance) by the aforementioned Mr. Waters!  Which I missed because I stayed home to work on a corporate video. Yes, I’m an idiot.
Recipe for Disaster